About Global Yellow Pages Limited

Global Yellow Pages Limited (“Global Yellow Pages” or “the Group”) was listed on the Singapore Stock Exchange in 2004. Since its start as a search solutions specialist, the Group has constantly strived to transform and diversify its business interests to build a stronger and more resilient company.

Global Yellow Pages began as a search solutions company with its first general telephone directory. The Group then branched out to offer Small and Medium Enterprises (“SMEs”) enablement and database marketing. It is now a leading publisher of directories and provider of classified directory advertising and associated products and services in Singapore.

Through investments and acquisitions in various subsidiaries and joint ventures, the Group has expanded into different industries such as direct marketing and tourism to strengthen its operating base. The Group’s subsidiaries include Singapore Information Services Ptd Ltd (“INSIS”), eFusion Solutions Pte Ltd (“eFusion”) and Singapore River Explorer Pte Ltd (“River Explorer”). INSIS publishes trade directories under the INSIS imprint; eFusion generates sales through voice-based direct marketing; CallmyName is a mobile communication app available on both Android and iOS devices that allows users to reach people and businesses by keying in their Call-Names instead of phone numbers; and River Explorer serves the connectivity needs of commuters and tourists along the Singapore River by offering river taxi services in addition to scenic and historical river tours.

The Group has also ventured into the food and beverage industry through a strategic investment in Yamada Green Resources Limited (“Yamada”). Yamada is a leading grower of edible fungi such as shiitake mushrooms and black fungus and operates one of the largest shiitake mushroom cultivation bases in Fujian Province, China.

Company Milestones

17 September 2010 Global Yellow Pages (GYP) Limited acquires eFusion Solutions Pte. Ltd, a company which provides sales and marketing solutions for companies.  eFusion will contribute to GYP’s multi-platform business through its focus on the provision of call centres, marketing and marketing-related services, which complements GYP’s directories and database business.
24 July 2009 Following the approval of shareholders at the Extraordinary General Meeting, the Company's name has since changed to Global Yellow Pages Limited (GYP) with effect from 28 July 2009. 
4 March 2009 Yellow Pages Singapore acquires Singapore Information Services Pte Ltd (INSIS), a wholly owned subsidiary of IE Singapore Holdings Pte Ltd, for approximately S$6 million. INSIS is one of Singapore’s leading trade directory publishers, publishing business-to-business trade directories to promote Singapore products and services worldwide.
9 December 2004 Yellow Pages Singapore listed on SGX-ST.
30 June 2003 Yellow Pages (Singapore) Pte Ltd, a company equally owned by JP Morgan Partners Asia and CVC Asia Pacific, two leading private equity firms in Asia, acquired certain businesses, assets and liabilities of SingTel Yellow Pages Pte Ltd at $220 million (with an additional $6 million paid to SingTel Yellow Pages Pte Ltd as working capital adjustments relating to the acquisition).
23 May 2003 Yellow Pages (Singapore) Pte Ltd was incorporated. 
1998 Integrated Information Pte Ltd was renamed SingTel Yellow Pages Pte Ltd (now known as “SingTel Interactive Pte Ltd”).
1985 General Telephone Directory Company (Singapore) Private Limited was renamed Integrated Information Pte Ltd after Telecommunications Authority of Singapore (TAS) fully acquired the company.
1975 A joint venture company was incorporated under the name of General Telephone Directory Company (Singapore) Private Limited owned as to 60% by Telecommunications Authority of Singapore (TAS) and 40% by General Telephone Directory Co. (GTDC).
1974 Telecommunications Authority of Singapore (TAS) and General Telephone Directory Company (Singapore) Private Limited (GTDC) signed a joint venture agreement to incorporate a company to acquire the business of GTDC’s Singapore branch.